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First and foremost, this is my first time ever writing a blog!
I have to admit that I am a little nervous.

I am a wife, mother, and yes, a grandmother.
I am still getting used to the latter, because in my mind, I can't be old enough to be a grandmother, right?!  On the other hand, it gives me some first hand experience with maturing skin.

I have always loved the art of dance.  I studied Modern Dance in college.
These days I admire dance from afar and stick to my beloved yoga class. 

I played the cello for 10 years and keep telling myself I am going to pick it up again.  In the meantime, it sits in a corner collecting dust.  I am still determined I will make it happen :)

I love people and enjoy learning about those I come in contact with; their unique stories, character traits, and talents.  Hence, one of my all time stress relievers is going out to lunch with friends, family, and acquaintances.  It brings me a lot of joy.

28 years ago I found I had an interest in Makeup.  I decided to pursue my interest, certified as a Makeup Artist, and got a job working in a modeling agency.  I did makeup for Runway Shows and taught makeup classes to aspiring models.
While working there my husband and I decided to start a family.  
A little known fact about me:  I modeled maternity wear at the end of my career there.  See picture below.

Joy in this life is what I aim for and it brings me great joy to see those I work with  happy with the end result.  Whether I am teaching someone how to enhance their natural facial features, helping someone to achieve a look that photographs well, or enabling someone to carry out an artistic goal, I do it because it brings others joy and it brings me joy.

I love positive quotes so I am going to end my blog entries with quotes that inspire me and will hopefully inspire you.

"If you can imagine it, you can create it.  If you dream it,  you can become it."  - William Arthur Ward